Understanding the "Rain Delay" Effect

Understanding the "Rain Delay" Effect

When your project manager tells you that your project has been delayed because of the rain, what does that mean exactly? If it’s dry out now, how does the rain a few weeks ago have anything to do with it? Unfortunately our landscape and hardscape projects depend heavily on suitable, dry weather, which means we’re truly at the mercy of Mother Nature.

For example, if we have two rain delay days during the week, we actually lose about a week’s worth of work. That means every project that was on the schedule is pushed back. This then creates a snowball effect for projects scheduled the following weeks and so forth.  Trust us. It’s just as frustrating for us as it is for you!

When the ground is saturated, gravel cannot be compacted for a proper base and plants cannot be installed properly within landscapes. Our project managers and crews take pride in providing a finished product that is exactly what you’ve paid for.  We truly appreciate everyone’s patience when Mother Nature decides to throw us for a loop. 

Unforeseen lake front property

In addition to scheduling headaches this season, every drop of rain has also led to the discovery of unexpected drainage issues. Some properties with drainage problems have simple solutions, such as burying the downspouts out and away from the house. Other properties require extensive grading and drain-tile work.  Sometimes these drainage issues have as much to do with improper grading as they do with poor construction of a building or deteriorating conditions of old foundations. It’s extremely important to take the time to find the problem areas and troubleshoot the issue. In the end though, a 100% fix is not always guaranteed.

When you reach a point where the water just doesn’t have anywhere else to go, adding dry creeks, ponds, and possibly rain gardens in wet areas will help provide reprieve from standing water.

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