A Note from Mark Walter

A Note from Mark Walter

We are on track for record precipitation this year. And that can negatively affect our yards and plantings. Excessive rainfall can inhibit the exchange of oxygen and gasses within the root zone of your lawn, as grass needs oxygen to grow.  Too much water can fill the air gaps in the soil, thus drowning your yard.  

Yellowing areas in your lawn could be the manifestation of a fungal disease, such as brown patch or red thread.  These fungi reproduce when conditions are hot and wet, and little can be done except for a fall reseeding of the dead turf.  

Another downside of the copious rainfall is the effect that it could have on pre-emergent treatments, applied this spring.  Over-saturation can wash away the chemicals, even after a barrier has been created.  A reapplication may be necessary to avoid crabgrass.  Over-watering, even by Mother Nature can often reduce herbicide efficacy.  

Calls are coming in about trees and shrubs, still distressed from winter’s wrath.  The Japanese Maples and Burning Bushes have experienced significant setbacks, along with a number of other well-established plants. 

As we transition into our warmest months, I want to share a few simple tips that can help keep your lawn healthy. Raise the mower deck and keep your blades sharp. Having your blades sharpened every 20–25 hours of operation is the general rule of thumb.  And remember, never cut more than a third of the grass blade when mowing your lawn. 

The fall season will be here before you know it.  We highly recommend a core aeration this fall to prevent and alleviate soil compaction, which restricts the movement of water down through the soil. This causes water saturation in the upper layers, and in turn can lead to oxygen deficiency for the roots.  Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, allowing them to grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Feel free to phone our office to schedule a free, no obligation assessment by one of our knowledgeable technicians or if you have any questions.

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