A Note from Mark Walter

A Note from Mark Walter

I have always viewed the fall season as our warm-up for Spring, when it comes to lawn care.  Adding a little TLC when the temps are lower and moisture levels are higher help pave the way to a healthy lawn next year.  

Fall is an ideal time to fertilize and aerate.  Your lawn’s root system will continue to grow until the ground freezes.  Aeration allows water, air and fertilizer to reach the root structure more quickly and that is important, considering the soil conditions in Northern Illinois.  Stimulating root development is key and why aeration is one of the important fall services we offer.  

Fertilization is another important step.  Once your lawn has been aerated, applying a good fertilizer also will provide the proper nutrients and microorganisms directly to your root zone.  Applying fertilizer during the hot, dry summer risks burning your lawn.  At the same time, fertilizing too late in the season can cause snow mold.   We will be glad to provide an assessment and our recommendations.

If your lawn is in need of new sod, the fall season is a perfect opportunity, right up until that first snow.  Make sure you water the new turf once or twice so that it can establish roots.

We encourage you to keep mowing your lawn through November, as the grass continues to grow.  Just as we recommend cutting your grass to a 3” height in the summer to help shade sunlight and prevent snow mold, it is recommended lowering your mower deck this time of the year for a shorter cut.  

In the fall, raking your leaves on a regular basis is a good idea.  Leaves can block sunlight and suffocate your grass.  As they pile up, the additional moisture that they trap can lead to fungus and leave your lawn matted.  

Fall weed control is a must if you want to prevent pesky weeds like dandelions taking root next year. Those burdensome little flowers have a root system of 8–10” and spraying them simply band aids the issue.  Talk to us this fall about making plans for a healthy lawn next spring.  

Thank you again for allowing us to serve you.  Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season.  

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