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Bird and Butterfly Gardens

Bird and Butterfly Gardens

Bird and butterfly gardens, also known as pollinator gardens, have become increasingly popular among homeowners seeking to bring wildlife to their backyards and also help native plants, insects, and animals thrive. As suburbs have grown, woodlands and prairie have become increasingly scarce.

To add a pollinator garden to your landscape you will need food and water sources, plus shelter for reproduction. Do your research first by finding out the specific plants you’ll need to attract the species you want in your garden. For example, Monarch butterflies lay eggs and the Monarch caterpillar feed exclusively on the Milkweed. However the Monarch uses many flowers as nectar when it becomes a butterfly.
If you want to attract a variety simply stick with native plants and you are sure to host many species. Birds are attracted to both birdbaths and feeders, but also fruit and seed bearing plants. Birds reap the benefits when the plants bear fruit or go to seed. Many landscapes already provide adequate shelter via trees, shrubs and structures. Birds can also be attracted with nesting boxes, but research this first to determine if the birds you want to attract will use them. You can also provide food and shelter by leaving plants up during the winter.
To attract insects, use a shallow bowl filled with a variety of rocks, sand, and soil and fill it with enough water to make it damp. Keep it in an open area away from where predators can hide. Finally, when planning your pollinator garden let loose a little! Have fun and your garden will come to life. Don’t want to do the leg work in planning your pollinator garden? Contact our office to have one of our skilled designers create the perfect garden for your space.

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