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The Benefits of Planters and Annual Bedding Plant Displays

The Benefits of Planters and Annual Bedding Plant Displays

Planters are mini gardens you can place virtually anywhere in the landscape: on a balcony, at the front door, or on a patio. Planters are great for softening hard spaces such as patios, making an ordinary space look extraordinary. Annuals bridge the gap that occurs in bloom throughout our perennial gardens, providing lots of color through the entire season. Best of all they can be done for each season!



Spring Planters are a warm way to welcome the summer. By early spring we are all anxious for the fresh colors of summer. Planters can bring that pop of color when the rest of the landscape has not yet awoken from it's winter slumber. These creative planters can welcome Easter dinner guests or be a great gift for Mother's Day. With a mix of spring bulbs, pansies, and decorative branches, they are sure to bring a smile to you and your guest's face. 



Summer planters and bedding plants will last the longest for seasonal plantings. Your planters and beds will be allowed to grow and fill in to be luscious and impacting displays. Bedding plants can be used to fill in the areas of your landscape that lack color at any time throughout the season. Need to bring attention to a business sign? Plant annuals underneath it! With proper care you can create a breath-taking display from June to August!



Summer is winding down, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your beautiful annual displays! Replace your summer bedding plants with hardy and cold-tolerant mums. They provide a burst of color from early fall until frost. Creative fall planters are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood with a mix of mums, pansies, false floral, real pumpkins, and gourds! What a great way to celebrate the harvest season and compliment the stunning display of fall colors created by the natural landscape.



Celebrate the holiday season and bring warmth to your home or business with a winter planter. With a mix of fresh cut fragrant evergreen branches, berries, pinecones, and your preferred holiday theme guests are sure to have a warm and cheery welcome. There are endless holiday decorating ideas to incorporate: wreaths, garland/roping, planters, and lighting can be used indoors and out! 


Any of these can make a wonderful and unique gift sure to surprise the recipient! Don't think you have a green thumb or that creative touch? LawnCare by Walter, Inc. has experienced designers who can select the most unique combinations to best show off your home or business Call to set up a free consultation with one of our designers today! 815-332-9544







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