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Outdoor Remedies Pt. 2: Plants with Surprising Benefits

Outdoor Remedies Pt. 2: Plants with Surprising Benefits

·        Believe it or not, a simple rose contains a number of uses and benefits.  As most of you know, roses make beautiful additions to any landscape providing an abundance of fragrant flowers.  In particular, the rugosa type is very fragrant.  The fruit of the rose, known as the rose hip, is a great source of Vitamins A & C.  Experts believe it has more Vitamin C than an orange! Fresh or dried rose hips make an excellent tea. 


·        Serviceberry, also known as Juneberry, produces beautiful lacy white blooms in the spring and again in autumn.  This American native plant also produces an abundance of purple-red berries in the late spring.  Tasting a lot like blueberries, the fruit can be eaten raw or baked into pies or other desserts.  Outside the oven, Serviceberry makes a beautiful addition to just about any landscape! It grows to a height of about 20’.


·        Creeping Thyme wraps up our list and has four primary uses.  Thyme can be used as groundcover for weed control, as a fragrant plant, in the kitchen, and medicinally.  In the landscape, this plant works best to fill spaces between stepping stones.  Brushing up against the thyme releases a fragrance which attracts butterflies and bees.  As an herb, thyme is used to flavor not only meats, but also soups, stews, olives and olive oil, breads, and desserts. The leaves, and the oil contained in them, are thought by some to be an antiseptic.


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