A few plugs can go a long way!

A few plugs can go a long way!

As we continue through the dog days of summer, it’s hard to imagine yourself in the cooler temperatures and changing colors of fall. But taking the necessary steps early can ensure a healthy lawn next spring! It all starts with a Core Aeration.

What is a Core Aeration exactly? It is a mechanical process that removes thousands of small plugs of soil around your lawn. These openings allow air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone quicker and reduce soil compaction.

Believe it or not, the root systems of the turf grasses continue to grow even after your lawn turns brown and goes into dormancy. In fact, root systems will continue to grow until the ground freezes solid.  A Core Aeration in the fall helps stimulate root and shoot development. This will then help build a thicker, healthier lawn come spring!

We start scheduling Core Aerations in August and September. Schedule a Core Aeration for your lawn today by calling our office for a free estimate! (815)332-9544

SPECIAL OFFER: Schedule before September 22nd, and receive $10 off! 


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