Winter Lawn/Landscape Preps

Winter Lawn/Landscape Preps

As you gear up your snow blower and dust off your snow shovel, don’t forget to address the needs of your lawn before the snow piles up.  If your lawn is under any kind of stress going into the cold months, it is less likely to get through winter without any additional damage.   The healthier your lawn is prior to winter, the healthier it will be come spring!

An easy, proactive measure will be to completely clear your lawn of any debris such as leaves, grass clippings, etc.  Removing the debris will help prevent snow mold and matting issues next spring. Even though the temperatures may be falling, don’t put away the mower just yet. It is best to gradually cut the grass shorter, reducing the length to 2.5 inches before winter. This will also help with matting issues.

A winter fertilizer application will also be beneficial for your lawn. The application feeds the root system, keeping it healthy during the winter months. Come spring, you'll see the lawn turning green even earlier. 

Don't forget about your plants! Late fall is the time to bring in those tropical plants and start putting the rest of the landscape to sleep.  This means cutting back perennials and cleaning up leaves and debris.

For those vegetable gardeners out there, here’s a helpful tip! Don't waste those leaves and final grass clippings by putting them on the curb. Instead, use them as a mulch to put the garden to sleep and add organic matter for next year's crops.

Finally, it’s extremely important to keep new plantings watered until we have a hard frost. Consistent ground moisture, even while the plants are asleep through the winter months, is important for plant survival.



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