Top 3 plants to add to your landscape this Spring!

Top 3 plants to add to your landscape this Spring!

            1. Dwarf Fothergilla

·         This shrub is an excellent performer for partially shaded or sunny gardens and looks great through all four seasons. The small, white bottlebrush shaped flowers cover the bare branches in April/May. With its lightly fragrant bloom, make sure to plant it as a specimen or small grouping near your front door or patio! 

2. Virginia Bluebells

·         This spring ephemeral makes a great addition to an informal garden. The small clusters of blue trumpet shaped flowers dancing over the green foliage are a sight for sore eyes after a long winter! Plant between Hostas, Ferns, and other shade perennials that will take over as it dies back for the summer. 

3. Dr. Merrill Magnolia

·         This stunning ornamental tree will make a statement in any landscape. Before the leaves emerge in spring its branches become drenched in large star shaped white flowers. Place this tree by a window or walking path so that its sweet fragrance may be enjoyed. 








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