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Seasonal Annuals

Seasonal Annuals


April: Seasonal annuals


Characteristics & Cultural Requirements

Height/Spread: varying sizes 

Habit/Form: varying shapes

Hardiness Zone: varying, generally not hardy for N. Illinois

Exposure: Full sun to full shade

Soil: Moist/well-drained soil

Ornamental Value

Although there are many long lasting colorfully vibrant perennials out there that we love to use, occasionally there is a location in the garden that just needs that extra pizazz. Annual plantings provide just that. Whether in the ground or potted, with the right selection of annuals a space can be transformed into a focal point drawing the eye to an entrance, a sculpture piece, or specimen tree. Annuals when properly cared for will provide non-stop color from spring to fall. The important thing to bear in mind when planning to incorporate annuals is that they are heavy feeders and require consistent watering. We like to amend our annual planting areas with a fresh layer of nutrient rich mushroom compost each year, but regular feedings of Miracle-Gro work also. This spring give annuals a try, it’s fun to browse the nursery aisles in search of the perfect color combination! And check out the seasonal tab on our website for even more inspiration. 

Landscape Uses

Perennial beds, planters/urns, entrance areas, high visibility areas, commercial and residential sites

Other Entries: Plant of the Month

Little Bluestem

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Taunton Yew

Yews are a long time used staple in the ornamental landscape and at one point became overused and over-pruned. However, don't be so quick to disregard this versatile shrub for your yard.

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Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple

The name says it all. This Sugar Maple cultivar boasts excellent fall colors ranging from yellow to red.

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