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July: Autumn Fire Sedum

July: Autumn Fire Sedum

Characteristics & Cultural Requirements
Height/Spread: 18-24” tall by 12-18” wide
Habit/Form: Upright
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Exposure: Full sun
Soil: Moist/well-drained soil  

Ornamental Value

Salesman and customer service representative Nick McKinney enjoys the classic look of upright Sedum. Upright Sedum boasts many desirable qualities such as: drought and salt tolerance, pollinator friendly, rabbit resistant, and LOW maintenance! When planted in the right location Sedum practically take care of themselves requiring only periodic division every few years or so. You can’t go wrong when planting Sedum in your sunny garden. We like the variety Autumn Fire for the clusters of dense rosy-pink flowers that bloom late summer and age into a coppery-red color by fall. We also recommend leaving the dried seed heads up through the winter to add interest to your winter landscape. Or cut and bring the dried flowers in for arrangements!

Landscape Uses

Mixed perennial gardens, massings, cut flower gardens, low maintenance landscapes, urban sites

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