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Seven Son Flower

Seven Son Flower

Characteristics & Cultural Requirements
Height/Spread: 15-20’ tall by 8-10’ wide
Habit/Form: Upright, vase shaped
Hardiness Zone: 5-9
Exposure: Full sun
Soil: Moist/well-drained soil 

Ornamental Value

Seekers of unique garden plants, stop here! Seven Son Flower is an under-rated, under-used large, multi-stemmed shrub/small ornamental tree that brings beauty to the garden all four seasons. With many trees and shrubs blooming in the spring and summer, Seven Son Flower adds color and interest to the early fall/fall landscape. Seven Son Flower generally blooms in August or September when the many clusters of fragrant white flowers cover the plant. The show doesn’t stop there though. After the blooms fade, rose-pink calyces are exposed giving the tree the appearance of a second “bloom”. Some say the calyces are even better than the flowers! This extends the color show well into the fall. The narrow attractive leaves are shiny and a medium green for the summer. Underneath the foliage and flowers one will also discover the showy peeling tan and brown bark that adds winter interest to the landscape. A native to China, this plant also offers nectar to pollinators in the fall. Generally low maintenance and free of diseases and pests Seven Son Flower adapts to a variety of soil types.


Landscape Uses

Lawn tree, specimen tree, border plantings

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