Prairie Smoke

Prairie Smoke


Height: 12-18” Spread: 12-18” Habit/Form: Low Spreading Zones: 3-7 Growth Rate: Medium


Cultural Requirements

A native to the Illinois prairie, Prairie Smoke does best in well drained soils that are on the drier side. They do not tolerate poorly drained soils.  This plant will spread slowly from its roots to form a naturalized groundcover. Prairie smoke performs best in full to partial sun, preferring some afternoon shade to protect it from hot summer conditions. This plant is virtually maintenance free, so it’s perfect for a low maintenance garden or beginner gardener wanting to experiment with natives.


Ornamental Features

Purplish pink globular flowers gracefully nod above the attractive fern like foliage in late spring. However, the developing seed heads are the showstopper on this plant. They’re soft and plume-like as the wind flows through, resembling hazy smoke floating across the ground, hence the common name.


Landscape Uses

Prairie Smoke makes a wonderful addition as a groundcover to the border of a perennial bed, native plant garden, and is best appreciated en masse.

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