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Tree and Shrub Care Services

Trees and shrubs require maintenance from top to bottom. Proper fertilization and pruning are key elements to healthy and viable plant life. We offer a variety of treatment programs, and you can count on our licensed technicians for all your tree and shrub care needs!

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Full Year Program with 6 Treatments including:

  • Dormant Oil Treatment: Early Spring dormant oil application to control overwintering pests on maples, oaks, most evergreens, and many shrubs.

  • Spring Insect & Disease Control: Selectively applied insect and disease controls providing protection against spring pests and diseases.

  • Spring Deep Root Feeding: Organic fertilizer with micro-nutrients applied in the spring to help your landscape plants recover faster from winter stress to take full advantage of the spring growing season.

  • Early Summer Insect & Disease Control: Selectively applied insect and disease control for protection against invading summer pests and disease.

  • Late Summer Insect & Disease Control: Careful inspection and selective spraying minimizes damage caused by summer pests and will control fall pests, such as mites, weevils, and bagworms.

  • Fall Deep Root Feeding: Balanced fertilizers provide needed nutrients to help minimize winter damage and encourage vigorous growth next spring.

Grub control services

Having trouble with Japanese Beetles? Our insect and disease control services will help eliminate those pests! Call our office for more information!

Other Beneficial Services

  • Removal & Disposal
  • Pruning
  • Tree Injections
  • Tree Base Spray


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