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Commercial Services

Commercial Clients

LawnCare by Walter proudly offers a variety of services to commercial customers in the Rockford area. Our work is always done in a professional and responsive manner. When it comes to total site management, LawnCare by Walter does it best!

Commercial Services

Commercial Mowing (icon)
Commercial Mowing
Fertilizer & Weed Control (icon)
Fertilizer & Weed Control
Tree & Shrub Pruning (icon)
Tree & Shrub Pruning
Spring & Fall Clean-Up (icon)
Spring & Fall Clean-Up
Holiday Décor & Outdoor Lighting (icon)
Holiday Décor & Outdoor Lighting
Landscape Design (icon)
Landscape Design
Hardscape & Bollard Installation (icon)
Hardscape & Bollard Installation
Snow Removal (icon)
Snow Removal
Manicured shrubs

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Wide range of services

Landscape Design

Right now is a great time to meet with our landscape project managers and designers to plan your next project!

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Seasonal Décor & Planters

Draw attention to your business with festive arrangements from the season. With unique seasonal and holiday decorations, your place of business will look attractive and up to date.

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Spring Décor

Hang up winter and welcome spring by showing off your favorite flowers during the start of the warm season.

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Summer Décor

Summer is often the most memorable season of the year. We’ll be sure to decorate your entryway or outdoor space in a style that’s unforgettable.

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Autumn Décor

Pumpkins, cornstalks, mums and more! Autumn ideas are not small in number and decorating during this season can be quite fun.

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Winter Décor

From pine cone displays to holiday wreaths, LCbW has a wide range of winter decorations to help you make the most of those colder months.

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