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Tree and Shrub Care Package

Trees and shrubs require maintenance from top to bottom. Proper fertilization and pruning are key elements to healthy and viable plant life. We offer a variety of treatment programs and you can count on our licensed technicians for all of your tree and shrub care needs! We offer a complete three-season program that includes a total of six treatments.

Trees & Shrubs


Dormant Oil Treatment

Dormant oil is applied to control pests on maples, oaks, most evergreen trees, and different types of shrubs.

Insect & Disease Control

Repellents are applied to protect against pests and other diseases.

Deep Root Feeding

Organic fertilizer containing microscopic nutrients is applied to help plants recover from any stress they may have incurred during the winter.


Insect & Disease Control

Repellents are applied at the beginning of the season to protect against pests and other diseases.


A complete inspection is performed at the end of the season to determine if any damage has been caused by pests such as mites, weevils, and bagworms. If necessary, the appropriate repellents will be applied.


Deep Root Feeding

A balanced fertilizer containing nutrients helps mitigate any damage that might occur during the winter.

More Tree & Shrub Services

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Removal & Disposal
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Tree Injections
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Tree Base Spray
Manicured shrubs

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Japanese Beetles

Don’t let your landscape be destroyed by the Japanese beetle, a harmful bug that attacks foliage, flowers, and up to 300 different types of plants. At LCbW, we’ll help identify these critters and eradicate them before they ruin your garden.

Japanese Beetles